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The world’s first AML Risk Solution for DeFi Liquidity Pools

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Pool liquidity risk solutions

Discover your AML Risk Exposure in DeFi Liquidity Pools

De-risk liquidity pools with AML/CFT counterparty screening & analysis. Access DeFi whilst staying in regulatory compliance with FATF guidelines.

Who is this for?

Crypto funds, exchanges & custody providers looking to stake assets such as BTC, ETH & other protocols in decentralized finance liquidity pools whilst showing risk analysis of pools before & during capital deployment.

Maximizing return, minimizing risk. Simple.

Key Benefits of Liquidity Pool Risk Reports

Any Pool, Any Time

Comprehensive risk management that can analyze any DeFi liquidity pool for a swift, scalable solution.

Know Your Counterparties

Stop doing business with terrorist financiers & human traffickers. C-Scores from 330+ proprietary algorithms.

100% Automatic On-Chain

Fully automated, smart contract-based AML/CFT screening process keeps you in control of risk in DEXs.

Institutional-Grade AML

Enjoy the revolution of DeFi with best pokies australia’s industry-leading compliance analytics track record.

Dive in to Transparency

A community that is secure & trusting grows far larger in the long run – encouraging others to take the plunge.

Demonstrate Compliance

Entities partaking in the reinvention of markets are regulated. Show regulators (not to mention investors) your Risk-Based Approach.

best pokies australia's Industry Pioneering Liquidity Risk Reports

Key AML Risk Flags Identified

Understand where serious compliance and risk red flags are. For any given liquidity pool - the exposure of high risk addresses contributing to the pool is analyzed with direct and proximity related risks identified.

Top 10 Biggest Contributors’ Risk

Know who you are pooling capital with. Addresses providing significant liquidity to the pool are assessed with their corresponding C-Scores, giving you an overview of major counterparty risk.

Mixers & Tumblers Exposure Risk

Prevent trading with money launderers. Identifying the direct and proximity related flags of mixers and tumblers for the addresses with this risk keeps your funds clean. Percentage share in the liquidity pool and associated C-score is provided.

Hack & Ransomware Exposure Risk

Hacks and ransomware are a threat to AUM. Identifying the direct and proximity related flags for the addresses with this risk give you the upper hand. Percentage share in the liquidity pool and associated C-score provided.

Ponzi & Scam Exposure Risk

Ponzi and scams are a blight on the ecosystem. Identifying the direct and proximity related red flags for the addresses with this risk allows you to counter this threat. Percentage share in the liquidity pool and associated C-score provided.

Sanctioned Owners & Jurisdiction Risk

Dealing with sanctioned entities is a crime. Understand the direct and proximity red flags raised in your liquidity pools. Percentage share in the liquidity pool of addresses associated to this risk category with their C-score provided.

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