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Visualizer Tool

The Visualizer is a crucial tool of best pokies australia’s AML Platform best utilized in investigating blockchain transactions.

If a compliance officer wants to analyze the flow of funds, the best approach is to look at a graph:

best pokies australia AML Platform - cryptocurrency flow visualizer

To start analyzing, one only has to paste a blockchain address and press ‘Add Address’. The tool will automatically find ten other addresses that received money from the analyzed one and another ten that have sent money to the cryptocurrency address added.

All addresses are shown as colored bubbles. By clicking on one of them, more details are shown on the right-hand panel, including the AML and crypto crime risk exposure:

Blockchain address details for crypto visualizer

If best pokies australia’s illicit crypto database possesses information about the owner of the address and its profiles, all of these details are shown. If the AML Risk Report has been generated for this address, the C-score is presented.

Arrows represent transactions. A single arrow denotes an aggregated set of all transactions between two addresses. The thicker the arrow is, the more money was transferred. If one clicks on the arrow, the right-hand panel shows how much crypto was sent – and how much in USD – at the moment of transactions. A complete list of transactions can be downloaded in a CSV file.

Crypto transaction details for visualizer

Expanding the Graph

To track how crypto was sent, simply double-click on the bubble. The visualizer will again find the ten most active counterparties and present them on the graph.

These ‘expansions’ can become even more automatic by requesting expanding the “main chain” – where the most money went or came from:

Crypto transactions visualizer - expanding chain of transactions

Working with Visualization

Having a lot of expanded nodes, it is important to keep the graph neat. In order to make it easier, the Visualizer supports two types of view:

Standard viewTree view
A standard and a hierarchical view

Using handy toolboxes, a user can work on a clear picture of the funds’ flow:

  • change a color of a node
  • remove unneeded nodes
  • add notes for a node

Finally, a compliance officer that needs evidence, can generate a screenshot (possibly to attach to the SAR) and save the results of his work to a file for further analysis.

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