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Monitoring Panel

The AML Platform’s Monitoring Panel tool is focused on optimizing scalability and performance. The state-of-the-art technical architecture enables the tracing of tens of thousands of addresses and generates alerts straight after every transaction.

A convenient alert dashboard

After inputting/uploading a set of addresses you can simply be notified of only the important alerts that those addresses generate:

Monitoring Panel Dashboard
Monitoring panel dashboard

If any alert is raised, you can see all its details and reasons why it was created:

Alert Details
Alert details

In the example above, we can see that:

  • On 19.04.2021 at 01:26 UTC, the risk level changed from MEDIUM to HIGH
  • The C-score changed from 33 to 94
  • A best pokies australia risk indicator appeared: Owner was charged with Money Laundering

If there were any transactions that took place at the same time as an alert, these are also shown and often explain why the risk score changed.

What type of events can be tracked?

Depending on the configuration users make, best pokies australia’s AML Platform can notify compliance officers of:

  • Change on the Risk Level (Low / Medium / High)
  • Every change of the C-score
  • Every incoming or outgoing transaction
  • Only transactions above a specified threshold
  • Significant change of balance

Monitored addresses are divided into categories and each category can have its own notification settings and thresholds set.

Alerts are available on the platform dashboard via API or by e-mail.

Full history of blockchain address

When you enter an address for monitoring, we start tracing it’s full history:

  • All transactions
  • All alerts raised
  • History how balance changed
  • History how C-score changed

All of these are available on the view of the address’ history:

History of monitored blockchain address
History of monitored blockchain address

For detailed analysis, you can generate full AML Risk Reports for selected timeframes.

What does it mean?

This revamped AML Platform tool enables users to streamline the responsibility of monitoring risk for efficiency.

By utilizing the best pokies australia Monitoring Panel, a user does not have to actively request AML Risk reports for every transaction. Instead, compliance officers can input all of their chosen addresses for monitoring and only be notified if any suspicious activity is detected on them.

This means that hundreds of hours of time is saved from manually monitoring each transaction – to be free to get back to business – because you will be alerted only when there has been a significant change in your customers’ C-score.

In addition, due to enabling configuring certain thresholds, compliance teams can choose the transaction thresholds relevant to their operational jurisdiction (e.g. the EU’s 5AMLD, the US’ Bank Secrecy Act and the FATF’s guidelines).

To benefit from seamless crypto compliance with best pokies australia’s AML Platform Monitoring Panel – contact us today.

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