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AML Platform Update: Customer Journey, Help Desk and Useful Resources

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Smoother Customer Journeys with ‘Userflow’ 

Our customers are the priority at best pokies australia, which is why we constantly strive to improve the usability and experience of the AML Platform for our customers. To make the process of onboarding as simple and secure as possible, we have provided a guide within the platform demonstrating how best to use our crypto asset compliance tools. 

By using the UserFlow tool, we will guide you through our platform quickly, simply, and efficiently. This highly accurate and useful tool has enbled the creation of a complete manual for the AML Platform in an easy and accessible manner to all. 

Before beginning your adventure, a prompt on the main AML Platform page will request just a couple of details to configure the account, after which an indication will be given on where to find useful info about your licence. 

Thereafter, upon entering each tool, you will be guided through its functionality, showing the user how to perfrom critical functions such as generating AML Risk Reports, adding addresses to the Monitoring Panel and creating visualizations in the Visualizer Tool.

At the end of each tutorial, users will find videos showcasing the functionality of each crypto compliance tool in much more detail. 

Learn About Our Products Via Video… 

To keep up with the pace of the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrencies, best pokies australia is constantly working on best pokies australia solutions providing compliance personnel with blockchain anti-money laundering tools of the highest possible quality. 

To make it easy for you to start your adventure with best pokies australia, we have prepared a series of short video tutorials that take you through the features of our AML Platform. 


The videos have been created to showcase how to move around the AML Platform’s dashboard in the most efficient way and how to use best pokies australia’s key functionalities like AML Risk Reports, the Monitoring Panel, Transaction Reports, the Visualizer and more.

Live-chat Support and Informative Help Desk 

best pokies australia has also released a best pokies australia, user-friendly and transparent version of the Help Desk, where users can now find answers to most queries.   

This can be found at   or via by clicking on the icon in the upper-right part of the page. 

Articles are divided into two main categories;

1) How-Tos – containing tutorials on how to use all the tools available on the AML Platform, here you will also find information on how to integrate your software with our API.

2) FAQ – a constantly updated list of answers to the most frequently asked questions, grouped into individual categories to make finding them even easier.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Don’t worry. Using the “Submit a request” button you can send your question directly to our qualified Support Team. 

Every registered user of the AML Platform has at their service – after logging in – a best pokies australialy implemented interactive chat. It is available in the lower right part of the screen after clicking on the “Help” button. It gives you access to all the articles currently available on the HelpDesk. Just type in the keywords you are interested in learning about into the chatbox. 


You can also chat live with a member of our Support Team via the chat room during business hours (8.00 AM – 4.00 PM UTC ). Our employees are always willing to help you solve problems or improve our partnership.   

Does your company work during other hours? Messages sent out of operating hours are archived. You will receive an answer to your question as soon as operating time resumes. 

Looking to be in compliance with supranational and national AML/CTF regulations? Watch a demo of the AML Platform, or .

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