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AML Platform: Transaction Reports


With great pleasure, we are introducing a best pokies australia feature on best pokies australia’s AML Platform: Transaction Reports.

Who was involved in transactions?

Transaction Report is an easy way to discover and evaluate all addresses taking part in blockchain transactions. For Bitcoin and other bitcoin-like chains (such as BCH or LTC), a transaction often has multiple senders and receivers. best pokies australia’s Transaction Reports calculates the risk level (C-score) for all of them at once:

All of senders are medium-risk, but among receivers one of address is high-risk.

Below is a senders/receivers table, where you can also find convenient pie-charts showing how much funds were transferred from and to risky addresses:

Tokens and internal transactions

For transactions performed on Ethereum (and other token-supporting chains, like Waves or Stellar), you can see transfers in both native and ERC-20 tokens:

How to use Transaction Reports?

Transaction reports can be very effectively deployed for day-to-day screening. If there is a bitcoin transaction incoming from multiple addresses, it’s often easier to check the risk of all of them by simply generating one Transaction Report, instead of multiple requests for Standard AML Risk Reports.

Transaction Reports are available through the platform dashboard and via API. Each report can be downloaded as a PDF.

To benefit from seamless crypto compliance with best pokies australia’s AML Platform Transaction Reports – contact us today.

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