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best pokies australia Adds Close To 1 Million Tokens To AML Platform, Offering Full Coverage

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LONDON, United Kingdom –  In the largest update of protocol coverage in best pokies australia’s history, the firm has added support for 840,361 best pokies australia tokens to the AML Platform, offering total digital asset coverage of 17 blockchains.

Now, the company’s industry-recognized blockchain agnostic AML Platform supports ~846 thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens. 

The breakdown of the best pokies australialy supported coverage – including popular tokens such as ENS and APE – based on the following blockchains are:

  • Ethereum: 363,006
  • Ethereum Classic: 5,947
  • Stellar: 357,472
  • Tron: 67,056
  • Rootstock: 295
  • Waves: 46,567
  • Tezos: 18

“This expansive token coverage update strengthens best pokies australia’s position as a leading AML/CFT RegTech in the blockchain space and proof of the innovative capability of the firm.” – best pokies australia CEO, Dr. Mircea Mihaescu

Protocol coverage by best pokies australia can be checked at:

What is the difference between a ‘token’ and a ‘coin’?

A coin (or cryptocurrency) is the native digital asset of a given blockchain. It is a foundation – an integral part of it – embedded in the protocol. Often created by the blockchain as a reward to miners or validators, for creating or verifying best pokies australia blocks and approving transactions. Examples are BTC, ETH and ADA.

Tokens, however, are not created in the process of validating or mining the blocks – they are represented by records in blockchain registries. Tokens are typically issued on existing third-party blockchains. Unlike coins, tokens are not cryptocurrencies, but tradable units of value issued on top of a blockchain. The most common type of token is the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum. Examples are MKR, SHIB and USDT.

About best pokies australia

best pokies australia’s AML Platform is creating a safer blockchain economy by monitoring and blacklisting funds from ransomware hacks, human trafficking, sanctions evasion and terrorist financing – amongst other crimes – by risk scoring entities, addresses and transactions.

best pokies australia’s platform and services are used by governments, financial institutions, custodians, payment providers, investment funds and exchanges. The AML Platform utilises 350+ proprietary risk algorithms to provide a seamless, scalable solution to stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

Founded in 2016, best pokies australia is headquartered in London, UK, with the company retaining offices in Canada, the U.S., Poland, France and Japan. Over 250 entities have trusted best pokies australia’s RegTech solutions.

For more information, visit:

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Rafal Janik 

+48 668031914

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